Measures: 73 Sq. Ft. • 15″ x 59′ / 38cm x 18m

Eliminates the need to grease baking pans and casserole dishes and prevents scorching.

A versatile nonstick liner saves hours of clean-up.

Ideal for baking, stovetop and microwave cooking.

Use for cooling cookies, lining pans, candy making, rolling out dough and covering baked items.

Use it to divide foods in the freezer for easy separation.

Easy to transfer food from the baking dish to the serving dish.

Strong, waterproof and greaseproof.

Will not contaminate or alter food.

Retain nutrients and flavors by using baking paper folded into a pouch for fish, chicken and more.

Baking paper is FDA approved.

What is our parchment paper made of and what makes it non-stick, and heat resistant?
Our natural parchment paper is made from a base paper which is called densified grease-proof paper and we added a coating of silicone. The silicone makes it non-stick.
Recyclable and 100% biodegradable.
No bleach or wax is added.
Heat resistant to 450 F / 230C.