Measures: 7.75″ x 2″ x 2″ / 19.5cm x 5cm x 5cm
Capacity: 6oz/177ml

Pump to use, air infused!

Save time and money with this environmentally safe way of spraying your favorite cooking oil.

Reduce calories and fat while improving flavors.

Perfect with all quality cooking oils; oil, safflower, canola, vegetable, or sesame.

Ideal for misting salads, stir frys, pastas, breads, pizza crusts and more!

Dispenses oil gradually and evenly.

Healthy alternative to cooking sprays.

Stainless steel.

Hand washing recommended

Use and Care: Fill mister with up to 2/3 cup oil, pump until firm, remove cap, spray, pumping each use as needed. Keep mister vertical and at room temperature for best results.

Caution:? Do not overfill beyond 3/4 full (you need to be able to pump air in to pressurize). As it empties much more pumping is required. Any oils that solidify (coconut oil is not a good option), or oils that contain small particles can clog the spreayer. De-pressurize after each use (unscrew lid to release the pressure).? Do not spray on heated surface, stove, near an open flame or on any area where temperature is above 110ºF/45ºC. Contents under pressure, remove cap slowly.